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A brand new e-commerce tool that lets anyone integrate branded, show-stopping auctions into their existing web platform or social media page.

Featured Beta user Fred Rasuk, a fashion designer who designs chairs as a hobby
Basta for businesses

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Drake with his auction winnings

Drake flaunting his auction winnings from our client Joopiter.

Basta for individuals

Turn your followers into bidders.

Seamlessly integrate auctions onto your website or social media platforms.

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New York / Designer
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New York / Art gallery
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New York / Comedy
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New Jersey / Collectables
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Seller FAQ

Basta does not charge sellers a fee. Sellers that use Stripe will pay a nominal payment process fee related to Stripe’s payment processing services, typically around 2%

Bidder FAQ

Basta will send all bidders an email notification when they successfully register, place a bid, have been outbid, when the auction closes, or if they have won the auction! If you receive an outbid notification, please visit the auction link available in the email and raise your bid.

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